Che é Amore is a Romantic Adventure....

Che é Amore (pronounced K-Amora) is Italian for "What is love?"

Che é Amore focuses on the romance wine brings into our lives. Our romantic experiences have perhaps the greatest impacts in fashioning our future. Throughout history wine has been the catalyst that brought individuals together, opened the doors, and celebrated relationships. Wine has consistently played a major role in forming our adventures, our relationships and the development of our culture. Che é Amore, the romance wine, recognizes and celebrates that role.

Each Che é Amore release is produced to reflect a person who with a truely unique romantic adventure.  Our first release "Che Dire Maria" ("What about Maria") reflects the personality of an orphaned little girl found amid the ruins of her family home located in a small southern Italian town during WWII.  Her story is true, consists of four chapters, with a separate chartater playing a major role in her life. Che é Amore produces a separate wine designed to reflect each principal character's personality. Then, decide for yourself, which character you enjoy the most and whether the associated release adequately reflects that personality. Be sure to collect all four bottles of Che é Amore to share with your friends as you tell them the story.  

Ours is only the first book.  We would like you to also share your most romantic adventure with us.  We will share your experience with the members of our "Hopeless Romantics" wine club.  If your story is selected as the most romantic, Che é Amore will name its next several releases after the principal characters in your story.  So tell your friends and neighbors to log into the Che é Amore web site, open a bottle of  Che é Amore and enjoy a romantic adventure.


NV CHÉ DIRE MARIA (Walla Walla Valley)

labelChé dire Maria (NV) is a light bodied, balanced blend of Syrah, Carmenere, Counoise, Dolcetto, Cinsault and Sangiovese with a splash of Viognier. It displays luscious red and black fruit mixed with spicy notes, and bright acidity that leads into a lingering finish.


Barbera / Dolcetto Blush (Walla Walla Valley)

labelWine Description goes here

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